SNSD plastic surgery did not come as a surprise to many people in Korea and the entire world. SNSD (So Nyeo Shi Dae) also known as Girl’s Generation is girl group from South Korea that was put together by S.M. Entertainment in the year 2007.

The group members consist of Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Sooyoung, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Seohyun and Yoona.

According to Korean standards, for you to be an idol you have to step up your game and look really cool. It is a way of creating an air of personal security and boosting self esteem. Being on the fast lane and keeping on to it is not as easy thing that is why celebrities generally go out of their way to do extraordinary things just to keep close to fame.

Real fans keep secrets and that is why for the case of SNSD, the fans have managed to keep the plastic surgery stories as closely guarded secrets. However, celebrities of this nature cannot be kept away from the face of the public.

SNSD Group Picture

SNSD Group

Even though many people would not really mind whether the girls went through cosmetic operations, what excites many is that the ladies seem to lie about it. They have refused to admit that they went under the surgeon’s knife. Goo Hara, a Korean singer is much respected for her open acceptance of the cosmetic procedures she procured. SNSD seem to play it cool and natural even when the signs are all over that they had their beauty enhanced.

What Procedures Did They Go Through?


According to the pundits and gossip columnists, Jessica underwent jaw line surgery that refined her jaw shape. In addition there is also Rhinoplasty that she is also rumored to have undergone. Her nose looks much shaper at the tip and her bridge narrow.


Looking at her before and after celebrity photos, you will realize the changed nose shape of Taeyeon this is attributed to Rhinoplasty. She is also said to have undergone an eyelid surgery and this is evidenced by her sharp and alert eyes.

SNSD plastic surgery photos

Taeyeon plastic surgery photos


Looking at her old pictures and comparing them with how she looks today, the difference is clear. Yoona had her jaw line shaved down and got a nose job to complement her new found agg shaped face.


She got her jaw line shaved making her face look slimmer than it was. The narrow nasal structure is due to Rhinoplasty. Her entire facial structure has attained a slightly new look.


According to gossip columnists and her before and after photos, her eyes look a bit unnatural. This has been attributed to a double eyelid cosmetic surgery.


Tiffany plastic surgery

Tiffany plastic surgery photos

Her nose and eyes tell it all. The structure of her nose is narrow and more refined at the tip. The nostrils are also a bit smaller. Her eyes are a little wider and more focused than in her earlier photos.


Among the SNSD family, she is the one who is said to have undergone the most operations. She procured eyelid surgery, Rhinoplasty, jaw line operation and lip augmentation. They were however done with moderation.


This celebrity had her eyes done. They look more straightened and they eyelids slightly enhanced. The surgeon however was very subtle.


SNSD Sunny plastic surgery

Sunny plastic surgery photos

Sunny got a nose job. Her before photos look different from the way she looks now. Her nostrils are a bit narrow and the nose tip sharper.


SNSD plastic surgery is said to have gone well. For most of them, their beauty was enhanced while others like Sunny nothing significant changed.

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