Tori Amos plastic surgery is a bad example of cosmetic procedures aimed at enhancing beauty. Previously known as Myra Ellen Amos, the celebrity later changed her name to Tori Amos probably as a way of portraying her changed personality and outlook. She was born in August 22nd 1963 which translates to mean that she has over 50 years of age.

Someone who is in such an age bracket is expected to develop some specific skin and body related characteristics. However, to the shock of her fans and critics, Tori Amos does not look like it. She has tried to defy aging and stay in the limelight just like the other celebrities.

Not everyone is lucky to have a successful procedure although that is the desire of many super models. Boasting of being the only female alternative singer who could play a piano very well, Tori became the love of many people. In her before and after photos, she looks different and unnatural.

What procedures did Tori Amos procure?

Tori Amos plastic surgery disaster

Tori Amos plastic surgery disaster

According to close followers and critics, Tori Amos whose traces of surgery are visible and evident, the celebrity could have undergone any or all of the following cosmetic surgeries.

Eyebrow Lift

Not many celebrities would have opted for this procedure unless they really wanted to correct an aspect they were not happy living with. The eyebrows of Tori Amos look lifted beyond their natural border line. This has served to give her a different look and somehow plastic appearance. This kind of an operation is usually done by those people who are aging and in need of a facial to brighten their looks. That is why some critics say that the celebrity could have sensed the onset of aging.

Eyelids Surgery

It is very unlikely that a celebrity would procure a browlift and not proceed to have an eyelid surgery. This is because the same problem that she seeks to correct through a browlift is the same issue that would make her work on her eyelids as well. Swollen eyelids and baggy eyes are normal though undesirable. In a bid to enhance their facials, celebrities procure eyelid surgeries. Tori Amos has a somewhat lively and unrealistic alertness in her eyes. This has not worked for her and it is more of plastic than real.


Tori Amos plastic surgery before after

Tori Amos plastic surgery before after

It may have been done late but probably the celebrity had always desired to change the appearance of her nasal structure. The size of her nose bridge has reduced significantly, and her nose tip is pointed and sharp. Those who knew Tori Amos before would give a different account of her appearance. This can be further substantiated through her plastic before and after photos.


Her skin tells it all. The wrinkles and stress lines have been removed in an unnatural manner. This has left her looking worse than she was before.


From the onset, Tori Amos plastic surgery has never been a good example of how cosmetic procedures are done. It is either she procured the services from unqualified surgeon or she was just unlucky to get such a bad job.

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