Vanessa Marcil plastic surgery which have been attributed to her new look have been the subject of debates on many forums.

Looking at the facials in her before and after photos would give you a hint that some sort of surgical modifications must have taken place. She looks youthful and free of wrinkles which would rather be unexpected at her age. Her nose also appears to have gotten a shave from the surgeon’s knife. It is somewhat narrow and different front her previous looks.

This has led many people including her fans to speculate that the celebrity may have undergone some cosmetic procedures. Nobody knows of any ways that are available that can turn back the hands of time and give someone a youthful appearance once again; not even the gym.

The celebrity is said to have experienced significant push factors courtesy of her acting career. She is always expected to look young and appealing to the audience so as to play some roles effectively or so it seems.

Vanessa Marcil plastic surgery before after

Vanessa Marcil plastic surgery before after

What are the surgery procedures that Vanessa Marcil could have undergone? Well, read along to find some of the answers to this question.


This is the first surgical procedure that comes into mind when you look at Vanessa Marcil before and after photos. Her nose is conspicuously narrow and appears slightly changed. Especially along the bridge, her nose appears refined making the entire nasal organ to look sharper. This has rejuvenated her appearance completely and one could be mistaken to think that she could have undergone a facelift to regain her youthful look.

Filler and Botox Injections

Claims that she could have also procured cosmetic procedures to enhance her cheek lines and get rid of wrinkles are rampant not only amongst the people close to her but also in online forums. The cheek lines seem much fuller an attribute that experts link to injections.

Vanessa Marcil Nose Job

Vanessa Marcil

Botox cosmetic procedures are often credited for the removal of wrinkles and fine lines making someone look full of life and ‘young’. The surgical operation is also said to have extended to the lips. Again looking at her before and after photos, reveal fuller lips that look fleshier than they previously were. Although it is still disputed, she is rumored to have taken filler injections.

Popular decision has it that Vanessa Marcil plastic surgery was meant to enhance her looks and it did exactly that. She now looks quite younger and everything about her is fresh and supple. This could be one of the successful stories in celebrity surgical procedures.

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