Donnie Wahlberg net worth has been stated by Forbes to be around $20 million.

This handsome American singer, actor and producer is the brother to the Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg. He made his Hollywood debut on the all boy band, New Kids on the Block being more of a bad boy of the pop band.

Their band was a huge success having sold millions of records and amercing over $400 million in record sales. Their success was short-lived as the band’s popularity begun to decline in the 90’s.

Being a caring older brother, Donnie helped launch his younger brother’s rap career by co-writing in his earlier songs even collaborating on the Funky Bunch debut album- Music for the People. The album did pretty well on the charts managing a platinum certification.

Donnie the ventured into the acing scene with his first film being Bullet alongside huge names such as Mickey Rourke and Tupac. He also received positive reviews for his small part appearance in the HBO’s mini-series-Band of brothers and the sixth sense. This saw an increase in his movie salary that contributed to his net worth.

Donnie Wahlberg Net Worth

Donnie Wahlberg with Jenny McCarthy

His performance on the police procedural drama series Blue Bloods has brought him an increase in wealth and statue. Donnie role in the saw films was a good stepping stone to his career which also saw him bag awards such Best Male actor in the Teen Choice Award of 2008. He is also the executive producer to the documentary/reality show Boston Finest that also contributes to his bank statements. All of these appearances added to his acting and directing skills that translated to higher pays per movie appearance and his overall net worth.

Being a millionaire comes with its perks, he owns a lavishly incredible home in the California’s Simi Valley area which is considered among the posh areas in America. This magical villa provides a stunning nature view as well as having the most beautiful interior decorations that is only befitting a star.

Donnie Wahlberg's House

Donnie Wahlberg’s House via @Shawn

Donnie did not spare any expense when polishing his home, it has an incredibly crafted master suite that spurs a blend of luxury and royalty with its attractively finished d├ęcor. There are a lot of natural lighting made possible by the massive windows and tall glass walls. To add on this incredible villa, he also owns an expensively furnished luxury apartment in the heart of New York City.

There is something about men and their cars- this Hollywood millionaire has a sport for luxurious and fast cars. His favorite beast is the magnificent Rolls Royce that offers an exciting and adventurous trip to the neighboring mountainous regions. He has also partnered with his brothers and launched a good eating joint called the Wahl burgers.

Donnie Wahlberg

While majority of celebrities often opens up franchises or businesses that fails soon after as they tend on focusing more on their publicity and not the quality of food or service. The venture brought a new sense of quality experience to their burgers and was a huge success to the Wahlberg brothers and added a great deal to his overall net worth.

Donnie Wahlberg has managed to build a name for himself and gain international recognitions. His acting and production career has contributed to the financial thrive of his overall net worth.

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