Celebrity Net Worth declares Eddie Murphy net worth to be $85 million and this is reasonable for a 53 years old comedian who has entertained his country and the world for 34 years.

Murphy really needs a comeback because we want to see him again on our cinema and TV screens. Few years back, he was the highest paid actor, better say overpaid actor in Hollywood. Do you remember how his humorous voice made films like Shrek and Mulan reasonable for adults?

His recent work including Meet Dave and A Thousand Words were huge flops hence, he is counted in the overpaid actors by many different resources. His full name is Edward Regan Murphy but he is also known as Murph, Ed, Fred Braughton, or just Eddie.

He married only once in his life and his marriage with Nicole Mitchell Murphy continued for 1993 to 2006. They have five kids together; he has two more kids, one from Tamara Hood and the other from Paulette McNeely.

Eddie Murphy net worth 2015

He is straight and now Murphy’s partner is Paige Butcher. They are dating since 2012 and every morning they go to LA Coffee Bean for their morning drinks. Paige is 18 years younger than Eddie and they worked together in 2006 for the first time. Since that time, both are seen on many places but Paige denied that there is no romance in their relationship and they are just good friends. In 2012, the couple publicly admitted that they are in a relationship.

Eddie Murphy movies like Beverly Hills Cop 2 and The Golden Child earned too good at box office. His directorial debut Harlem Nights proved to be a draw back for his career but later his remake of The Nutty Professor broke all previous records and brought him back in to power.

Eddie Murphy's daughter Shayne Murphy

Eddie Murphy’s daughter Shayne Murphy

Although his career is full of hits and misses but overall he has been a decent comedian who has derived admirable characterizations and gestures. Like all his fellow men, he has grown and changed a lot since his first appearance and he has made a living in Hollywood through controversy, disapproval, applaud, and scandals. He has also learnt a lot in his life, since now he has come up with more family friendly comedy like Mulan, Bowfinger, and Doctor Dolittle.

His upcoming movie Beverly Hills Cop 4 was scheduled to be released in 2016 but Eddie is not satisfied with the script and he told a magazine that he will not accept the film unless they rewrite their script to be a nicer one.

Eddie Murphy's house

Eddie Murphy’s house

Murphy enjoys his life with the money he earns every year from Hollywood. He has plenty of assets including property and cars. His signature signs include moustaches, goofy laugh, big smile, and playing more than one characters in one film.

Eddie Murphy's car Mercedes SLS Amg

Eddie Murphy’s car – Mercedes SLS Amg

Eddie Murphy Cars

You’ll be surprised to know that Eddie net worth is $85 million but he doesn’t smoke or drink wine. He only takes caffeine and he is still happy with his life.

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