Glen Campbell is 78 years old American country music singer who was born in Billstown, Arkansas, United States. Glen Campbell net worth is $50 million. He has married four women and left three of them: Billie Jean Nunley, and Sarah Barg, Diane Kirk. Kimberly Brooke is his current spouse, she is 32 years old.

Glen Campbell is a born star; he was just four years old when his father bought him a guitar because he sang pretty well. He had 11 siblings and their family was extremely poor. The children helped their father in cotton picking but the family was gifted with the talent of music and singing.

Campbell soon began appearing on local radio station as well as receiving paid acts in weddings and private parties. When he played guitar, people admired him a lot and he soon realized what he can earn with his talent. So he left his studies and traveled to West to play guitar in Wyoming’s bars.

Glen Campbell net worth 2015

His on screen fame began with his appearance in his uncle’s show Sandia Mountain Boys. Then he was signed to music shows on radio and television. He became quite popular in New Mexico. When he was 22, he created his personal band called Glen Campbell and the Western Wranglers. He has worked with many bands, artists, producers, and co-singers and every new song or composition gave a fresh boost to his already shining career.

In 2011, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and Glen Campbell Alzheimer actually put a full stop to his career. He recorded one last album because somewhere he knew his condition will be worsened. In an interview to People Magazine, he revealed that he is suffering from Alzheimer’s and soon he will not be able to give an interview.

Glen Campbell - I'm Not Gonna Miss You

In 2012, he won Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. He took part in a tribute paid to him by Band Perry and he sang Rhinestone Cowboy where all the audience stood in his honor and this became a memorable tribute paid to one of the America’s most prominent stars. It was in 2013, when he decided to retire from touring because his Alzheimer was cruel enough to interfere with his routine life.

Glen Campbell's house - Malibu mansion

Glen Campbell’s Malibu mansion

His current wife is Kimberly Woolen who now takes care of him. His children from his ex-wives have recently challenged Kimberly to get back the control of Campbell’s care from her. They blamed that Kim is trying to isolate Campbell from the rest of the family.

Glen Campbell's wife - Kimberly Woolen

Glen Campbell with his wife Kimberly Woolen

He now lives at a care facility and his eight children (all from his ex-wives) can see him there. His Alzheimer has reached to the point where he is unable to recall his past most of the time. He left his career with the last song I’m Not Gonna Miss You and this song won him one Oscar nomination and one Grammy for the Best Country Song. These nominations added more to Glen Campbell net worth that he cannot even benefit from due to his Alzheimer’s.

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