Lil Kim plastic surgery has drawn attention from her music. The rapper is looking amazingly beautiful and younger. The 38 year celebrity has a remarkably smooth skin that makes her look as if she is in her twenties. Her plastic surgery has been so much hyped by celebrity watchers, gossip columnists and fans as well.

In trying to live up to the expectations of her fans and followers, Lil Kim just like many other celebrities, has gone for cosmetic operations. Most of the celebrities undergo these operations to fight off the signs of aging. However, when questioned about the plastic surgery, the celebrity denied having undergone any cosmetic surgery.

But did Lil Kim go through plastic surgery?

Botox Injections

Well, aside from her denials about the operations, the facts are on the table. Looking at her face now, Lil Kim looks bright and youthful. Her face does not have any wrinkles, stress lines as well as frown lines. She underwent the Botox treatment to change the hands of the clock as far as her aging was concerned.

Lil Kim plastic surgery

Lil Kim plastic surgery

The celebrity face is smooth, cheerful and full of life. She seems to have gotten a new lease of life. Her jawline is also one of the beneficiaries of the Botox injections. It looks shiny and fresh. This new appearance has caused her fans, critics and celebrity watchers to conclude that the celebrity must have undergone Botox injections.


This seems to be another operation the celebrity underwent after Botox. Her nostrils look smaller and narrower than they were. The tip of the nose also looks sharp and the bridge narrower. This could only be as a result of a nose job.

Eyelid Surgery

Looking at Lil Kim eyes, you can tell that there were some modifications that were done. The natural look has been replaced by a slightly artificial appearance. At her age, you would expect to see some eye bags and drooping skin but this is not the case. The absence of loose skin around her upper eyelids and the sharpness of her eyes points towards Blepharoplasty. Eyelid surgery opens up the eyes making them look sharper and brighter.

Lil Kim plastic surgery before after

Lil Kim plastic surgery before after

Facial Fillers

Botox injections mostly go hand in hand with facial fillers. Chemicals such as Restylane and Juvederm are injected under the skin to make the face appear smooth. The cheeks also looks more fleshy and full of life compared to people her age. The appearance of Lil Kim is a clear testimony that this operation was done on her.

The reasons behind Lil Kim plastic surgery were not very apparent to her fans. Many people couldn’t understand why the rapper decided to alter her looks despite the fact that she is naturally beautiful and fabulous. However, when all is said and done, Lil Kim still looks gorgeous. This means that the surgeon who did the plastic surgery did a good job.

Though the celebrity has denied it, from her before and after photos, it can be concluded that Lil Kim went under the knife to alter her looks. The cosmetic surgery is serving her well giving her another lease of life.

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