Madonna plastic surgery has gotten a lot of attention from the masses. Being a high profile celebrity, her plastic surgery couldn’t have gone unnoticed by the celebrity watchers, gossip columnists and the pundits as well. The celebrity has had a very successful career in music. At the age of 52, the Material Girl is still looking remarkably fresh and youthful. This has made many to speculate that she might have gone under the surgical knife for a number of cosmetic operations.

When asked about the operations, the celebrity vehemently denied just like most other celebrities do. But sources that have authority on surgical matters have claimed that the celebrity went through a number of cosmetic procedures. For instance, Dr. Andrew Douglas, a Facial Aesthetic Doctor, said that her forehead appear suspiciously smooth for a person her age. He went on to note that Madonna’s face showed signs of a facelift.

So, what kind of surgeries could Madonna have undergone?

Botox Injections

Madonna plastic surgery before after

Madonna plastic surgery before after

At her fifties, you would expect the celebrity to have wrinkles and stress lines but this is not the case. Her forehead is very smooth without any lines that you typically expect from a person at the age of 52. Her face is shiny and fresh.


Apart from Botox injections, the celebrity could have also procured a facelift. At her age, many would have expected that Madonna’s skin should have started sagging. On the contrary, things seem to be different. The facelift seems to have offloaded the many years that the celebrity has had in her music career. Her face looks smoother than her age mates something that puts it clear that the celebrity must have undergone through some cosmetic procedures.

Cheek Fillers

Apart from her face, Madonna’s cheeks also received some modifications. They appear smoother and full of life. Compared to the cheeks that she had in her 40s, you can clearly see a difference. This could have been possible using cheekbone enhancing filler treatment.

Madonna plastic surgery

Madonna plastic surgery

However, the celebrity claims that her new looks is as a result of a strict macrobiotic diet regime. Though the diet had a part to play in her new look, there is more than the diet. According to Dr. Aamer Khan who offers his services in Harley Street Skin Clinic, Madonna probably was injected with temporary fillers to make her cheeks fuller and rounded.


Looking at Madonna’s nose, you would immediately tell that there are some differences. According to Dr. Aamer Khan, Madonna underwent a nose job. According to him, when the celebrity was young she had an Italian nose which was bulbous and heavy. Looking at her nose now, you will see that it looks more pointed and sculpted. The nostrils and the tip of the nose are also more refined. Looking at the bridge you can clearly tell that it also received some alterations.

Madonna's cosmetic transformation

Madonna’s cosmetic transformation


With age, the eyelids assume bag-like shapes. This is usually the case with every person especially past the age of fifty. This however may not be the case with Madonna. Her eyes are very tight at her age a clear indication that she must have secured an eyelid surgery. Her lower and upper eyelids are intact and full of life. Her eyes are also sharper and brighter than they were when she was younger.

Though the celebrity has denied having procured any cosmetic procedure, from her looks you can tell that Madonna Plastic surgery was a success. She looks fabulous and ready for another career phase.

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