Using plastic surgery to alter one’s looks is not a rare occurrence within Hollywood’s class of elite celebrities, though quite a number of these surgeries do not bear the expected results. The Melanie Griffith plastic surgery saga is a good example of an epic fail in as far as celebrity plastic surgeries are concerned.

Looking at Melanie’s 1987 picture and comparing it to one of her most recent photos, you would think the two are totally different individuals. It is clear that she has not aged gracefully and the reason for this is primarily a cosmetic surgery gone bad. She is no longer that young naturally beautiful lady everybody once admired.

Sadly enough, Melanie has been making the news recently for all the wrong reasons. From drug addiction, her recent divorce with long-time husband Antonio Banderas to unsuccessful plastic surgeries; Melanie is definitely on a roll!

It all started back in the year 2007, this being the year Melanie decided to get what is now considered to be one of the worst celebrity plastic surgeries ever. At first, the plastic surgery seemed to be successful. However, it was only after a couple of weeks that her facial skin started getting stretched around the forehead as well as around the cheekbones. Her trout glower lips also seemed to get tarnished in addition to fattening. A disastrous end-result to the Melanie Griffith plastic surgery!

Melanie Griffith plastic surgery before and after

Melanie Griffith plastic surgery before and after

Most of her admirable facial features had fully transformed with her perky nose and awesome skin tone all vanishing. Melanie Griffith has been in the industry for over 2 decades now which makes her one of the greats. You would expect that such a celebrity should have enough financial strength to get herself world-class cosmetic surgeries.

So what exactly caused such an epic fail when it came to her plastic surgery?

To start with, it was obvious that Melanie had grown a huge liking to drugs and plenty of alcohol. Word has it that she was facing addiction. At the end of the day, the two (drugs/alcohol and plastic surgery) do not go hand in hand. Drugs always find a way to ruin that which has a potential to blossom. This was the case with her plastic surgery. The drugs and massive alcohol consumption got in the way of her possible good looks.

In addition to this, the Melanie Griffith plastic surgery was not her first and last artificial cosmetic “upgrade”. After it dawned on her that she had made a huge mistake in opting for plastic surgery, Melanie went for other surgical procedures in a bid to rectify her past mistakes. They ended up causing more harm than good! Melanie has had a boob job, lip augmentation, eyelid lift and a liposuction. None of these made much of a difference.

Melanie Griffith plastic surgery photos

Melanie Griffith plastic surgery photos

They only made the situation worse increasing to her already present woes. One main aspect of the Melanie Griffith plastic surgery that is believed to be the main cause of her epic fail is the fact that she overdid her Botox injections. This explains the overstretching of her facial skin.

It is also believed that her excessive use of filters is the main reason for her fattened or rather literally “fishy” lips. It is sad to see all that beauty gone to waste. If only she knew better!

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