Every person would love to look and feel young. The reality however is that age catches up with us and it comes together with its physical effects. If the rumors doing rounds are justified, Olivia Newton John plastic surgery could have been aimed at solving among other things the physical affects brought about by age.

The Details of the Surgery

The Plastic surgery procedures that Olivia Newton presumably underwent included facial fillers, lower and upper eyelid surgery also known as Blepharoplasty, a facelift, brow lift, dermal injections, Botox injections and lip implants.

These surgical procedures successfully turned Olivia Newton John, who is aged 65, into a fair and youthful looking lady. Despite the criticism that she received from celebrity watchers and a majority of her fans, her new appearance is obviously much better than her previous look. When compared to her women age mates, Olivia Newton-John stands out as a celebrity whose face is free from crow’s feet and the wrinkles.

The Before and After

For those who are familiar with the celebrity and especially how she looked in her photos before the surgery, they can attest that indeed she underwent lip implants and that her smile now appears much wider than before. In addition, the plastic surgery involved a facelift which is indicated by her neck and jaw line that look clean and taut.

Olivia Newton john plastic surgery before after

Olivia Newton john plastic surgery before after

Women at her age would naturally have skin flaps hanging over their eyelids but for Olivia Newton John, the case is different. At the age of 65, there is absolutely no trace of hanging skin on her eyelids, thanks to the surgical procedures which celebrity watchers and gossip columnists claim that it could be Blepharoplasty.

For a lady who had already started experiencing wrinkles on her forehead, eyes and mouth, attaining a flawless look would have been impossible without dermal injections. The most common and likely dermal injections that could have been used on Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery are Restylance, Botox or Juvedem.

Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery Denial

Despite the heavy evidence available that links her to surgical procedures that she presumable undertook, the celebrity continues to deny the rumors. Instead she says that her youthful look is purely genetic and has nothing to do with the surgery.

Olivia Newton John then and now

Olivia Newton John then and now

The Verdict

Whether the celebrity watchers and gossip columnists are right in their allegations of her having undergone plastic surgical procedures or not, Olivia Newton John looks great. She has definitely outshined many of her age mates and even some who a bit younger than she is.

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