Aging is often regarded as a very undesirable process. Sally Field plastic surgery is just one of the many Hollywood cases where celebrities strive to look young by doing whatever it takes even if it means booking themselves into the surgeon’s diary. The overall theme surrounding plastic surgery is the enhancement of public figure and general beauty.

What has given many people reasons to believe that Sally Field underwent plastic surgery is the fact that she still looks youthful at her 60’s.

Quite strange!

The celebrity, who is popularly known for her role as the host for the TV show brothers and sisters was born in 1946.

Public Controversy

Many celebrity gossip columnists and celebrity watchers started faulting her youthful look and the fact that her appearance didn’t rhyme with her age. This threw her into public controversy making many people resort to examining her before and after photos. The evidence shows clearly that the aging signs were completely eliminated.

Sally Field plastic surgery before after

Sally Field plastic surgery before after

Sally’s Plastic Surgery public admission

In a bid to clear her name and fight off public controversy, Sally Field finally agreed to have undergone surgery and she also disclosed that it is something she had thought about for quite some time. She however declined to openly state the type of surgery she underwent. She cited her role in Hollywood as one of the ‘pushy factors’ that made her opt for the plastic surgery.

Sally Field Neck lift

Looking closely at her recent photos, some things seem to stand out in an interesting manner. At her age for instance, there is no signs of sagging skin. The effects of creams and lotions are completely ruled out because no cream has ever prevented age related sagging of the skin. According to suggestions given by surgeons, Sally Field could have undergone a neck lift. This plastic surgery procedure is known for removing any sagging skin around the neck area. The overall effect is an improved and youthful look.

Sally Field Plastic Surgery

Sally Field Plastic Surgery

Filler Injections and Facelifts

A close examination of her face, cheeks and jaw line reveals an unusual smoothness, the type that can be attained through filler injections. Her skin is completely devoid of any wrinkles which is quite unexpected at her age.

Before and after photos show a clear difference; tightened face looks. Her eyes are without the characteristic eye bags that are synonymous with people at her age. Critics also say that her eyes look amazingly fresh and more open than before. This could as well suggest that Sally Field underwent eyelids surgery.

Sally Field Plastic Surgery was a Success

After all is said and done, Sally Field’s rejuvenated body looks appealing and her skin glows thanks to the laser treatment. Her amazing beauty is further accentuated by her tight and young looking skin which is attributed to anti-aging surgery. Her audience and general public likes her brand new look.

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