Sharon Tay Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sharon Tay plastic surgery is just one in a string of cosmetic surgeries that celebrities undergo. Being in the media industry, Sharon must have felt the pressure to look her best always. This includes, maintaining your looks, your accent and just everything that will make you live to the expectations of your fans. From the style she presented the weather news in to her undeniable good looks, Sharon Tay had drawn a huge fan base. She was viewed not only as a favorite news anchor by some but others had also idolized her beauty in a way.

So went wrong?

Well, it seems she lived much of her life trying to satisfy others and fulfilling their expectations and forgot that she has a life to live too. She went to the extent of getting cosmetic procedures done to make her still be in the limelight. Of course it is expected that with time everyone ages and in as much as people would love to see you beautiful and full of energy every day, they have to accept the fact that when age catches up with you, you just need to gracefully allow it to take its natural course.

Sharon Tay plastic surgery before and after

Sharon Tay plastic surgery before and after

Looking at her before and after photos, you will notice something a bit strange and unnatural in the celebrity. In her previous photos, her nose was slightly large for her face and according to the star, that did not look quite good and hence she needed an alteration. She therefore decided to go for a nose job!

Rhinoplasty Procedure

Fans and the wider public would agree with me that Sharon Tay’s nose job was not really necessary. Though some pundits claim that her nose before the cosmetic procedure was slightly larger for her face, for the rest of us it would have taken a very close examination to realize this. As if bowing to the pressure of the wider masses, the celebrity went through Rhinoplasty.

Sharon Tay

Sharon Tay

Her nose now looks much thinner than before and much more refined, many of her fans say that she spoiled it all. She looks plastic and unnatural and on second opinion, she should not have gone under the knife.

As expected, Sharon denies the surgery allegations and maintains that it is her natural beauty plus the enhancements of cosmetic products that have made her look the way she is today. Despite the denials, it is still in the open that Sharon Tay plastic surgery is one of the deals gone sour. She spoiled her beauty and she should serve as a lesson to the many others who would be tempted to follow her way.

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