Julie Chen plastic surgery is among the rising cases of Chinese and Asian celebrities that have embraced cosmetic procedures to enhance their beauty. The journalist is rumored to have procured several operations in a bid to maintain her validity on the celebrity scene.

Like many other personalities that have gone under the knife, Julie Chen has denied these procedures and has been trying to convince her followers and critics through shows such as the Talk Show.

Claims about her surgery

Apart from her changed physical appearance, Julie Chen has received considerable criticism from various quarters some of whom are her relatives. They have spoken far and wide about how the celebrity has embraced the Western ways and abandoned her Asian descent. In response, the celebrity has dismissed the surgery allegations and said that she is still Chinese and she does not look any less than she did before.

Julie Chen

Julie Chen via showbiz411.com

Why did Julie Chen go through Cosmetic surgery?

In the public domain, appearance is about everything. Being a celebrity, there are expectations that you are meant to meet in order to remain relevant in the industry. As a journalist, Julie Chen must have felt the pressure to up her game and look more attractive.

Because of genetic makeup, the structure of her eyes appeared slit-shaped. To change this, the celebrity decided to undergo a procedure in order to widen them. This is something that she even confesses to having done. Below is a discussion on the various surgical processes that Julie Chen procured.


Looking at Julie Chen before and after photos, one thing that cannot escape your attention is how her nose has changed. She appears more chiseled and the nose narrower in a superficial way. While she remains attractive, many people believe that she procured Rhinoplasty so as to change some slight features that she personally considered out of place. The tip of her nose is refined and the bridge is narrow attributes associated with a nose job.

It has become common nowadays for celebrities to go for a nose job especially where they feel that their nasal features do not match their overall facial appearance.

Julie Chen plastic surgery nose job

Julie Chen plastic surgery before and after


The finesse of the facial appearance of Julie Chen has attracted the attention of many people. Being in the limelight, expectations about her have been very high and this explains why she has been suing a lot of make up to give her that perfect look. Even though she attributes the use of make up to explain her fine structured face, many followers believe that there is more than meets the eyes.

Eyelid Surgery

Looking at her eyelids, they appear slightly wide and pulled up. There is a possibility that this was done so as to widen her eyes. From the look of things, this seems to have worked into her favor as she looks livelier than her Asian counterparts.


Despite the criticism most of which is culturally inclined, Julie Chen plastic surgery has been given thumbs up by many people. She seems so much in control of her looks and if what she wanted was an enhanced appearance, then she found a perfect one.

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