Tina Knowles plastic surgery can best be described as subtle. The mother of Beyonce Knowles, a renowned artist, is rumored to have undergone a plastic surgery. To give you a slight overview of her life, she is currently living as a divorcee.

Her former husband Matthew Knowles divorced her after rifts emerged in their relationship occasioned by a Love Child the husband had with the celebrity, Alexsandra Wright. It is argued that the divorce made Tina to look a bit weary and spent.

Being the mother of a supermodel, actor, singer, song composer and designer, it was difficult for Tina Knowles to stay away from media scrutiny. Following some changes in her appearance, critics, gossip columnists and pundits, started making allegations about her changed looks.

It is understandable that the daughter, Beyonce Knowles, made a request to give her a relief through surgical procedures. According to Beyonce, the mother looked out of shape following the divorce and emotional distress. As part of the treat, Beyonce bought her mother a $5.9 million mansion in Houston Texas.

Tina Knowles plastic surgery photo

Tina Knowles plastic surgery photo

What Cosmetic Operations Did Tina Knowles Plastic Surgery entail?

Tina Knowles who turned 60 early this year is said to have undergone plastic procedures that enhanced her facial appearance. Initially resisting such moves, Tina Knowles agreed after a persuasion from her daughter but even so, she wanted only slight changes. Looking at her now, she looks younger and younger almost comparing to her daughter.

Botox Treatment

The face of Tina Knowles at 60 looks refined, younger and smooth. Of course, people would have expected the opposite. With age, wrinkles are meant to start surfacing as a way of ushering in old age. This is not the case with Tina. It seems she loves publicity and with it comes ambitious demands such as youthful looks.

 Tina Knowles with Beyonce Knowles

Knowles family

What happens in a Botox is that chemicals compounds such as Restylane and Juvederm are injected into the layer just below the skin. These chemicals have an effect of filling up the fleshy part making the skin appear stretched and tight.

Looking at before and after photos of Tina Knowles, you can ascertain for sure that this procedure was undertaken. Although the matter remains private and personal, observers have said that the operation however subtle and slight it was, did not give the best of the results.


This is the next operation associated with Tina Knowles Plastic Surgery. This rumor has its basis on how the face of Tina Knowles has changed.

There are appears to be more than just the Botox fillers. The disappearance of stress lines and frown lines, points toward a deliberate procedure other than Botox that was done to give the face a new lease of life. She could be aging but her face will remain young for some time.

Aging gracefully has never been a desire of many women especially those in the limelight. This is primarily because good looks are part and parcel of their assets.

Tina Knowles Plastic Surgery may have been done with an aim of enhancing her beauty, but judging from the overall result there seems to be a slight misalignment.

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