The one thing which you simply can’t fail to notice about Ayesha Takia is her breasts. Since the start of her career, Ayesha Takia plastic surgery has been a much talked about subject.

At 15 years of age Ayesha Takia set her foot in the glamour world. She began working as a model and appeared in the “I am a Complan Boy! I am a Complan Girl” advertisement. She made an appearance in Falguni Pathak’s ‘Chunnar Udd Udd Jaye’ music video as well. It was the ‘Shake it Daddy’ music video that actually forayed Ayesha into Bollywood.

Takia made a head start of her Bollywood career with Tarzan for which she bagged the Filmfare award for Best Female Debut. Later on she was also appreciated for delivering a masterpiece of performance in the Bollywood small budget movie Dor. She played the role of a Rajasthani woman in the movie. Her last commercial success was the movie Wanted, which was one of the biggest blockbusters of 2009. In 2012 Ayesha Takia also started hosting Sur Kshetra, a music reality show.

Ayesha Takia

Ayesha Takia

The truth behind Ayesha Takia Plastic Surgery

Bollywood was alien to plastic surgeries and it was also alien to such big breasts. There were many elegant actresses, but none of them boasted prominent breasts as Ayesha. This is the reason that besides her Bollywood acts Ayesha has mostly been discussed about for her unnaturally large breasts.

The reason Ayesha Takia breast implants rumours surfaced was because after starring in the ‘Chuna Udd Udd Jaye’ Music Video when she was 18, Ayesha seemed to have grown her breasts tremendously. The genuineness of her breasts has been questioned since her entry in Bollywood Film Industry.

When you look at Ayesha Takia plastic surgery before and after photos as well as videos available widely you cannot rule out the possibility of going under the knife. Whether such growth in size can be naturally attained is a matter of discussion. We can only conclude that there is no conclusive proof to give a verdict on her breasts not being natural.

Ayesha Takia plastic surgery before and after

Ayesha Takia plastic surgery before and after

It is also said that in 2008 Ayesha went to Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai to get her breast implants removed. It was due to experiencing shoulder pain that she went for the silicon removal.

Ayesha Takia went for Liposuction to UK

Ayesha Takia started looking chubby in 2008. To shed the extra kilos Ayesha could have worked out in the gym or followed diet plans. But it is alleged that Ayesha went for liposuction to UK since it was the easy way out. However, these rumors were not well received by Ayesha and she got upset.

Ayesha Takia in public

Many Bollywood superstars have been criticized for change in their features (Priyanka Chopra, Preity Zinta, Kareena Kapur, Bipasha Basu are some of them). The older actors, including the 3 Khans have allegedly gone under the knife. However, none of the Indian mainstream celebrities have accepted such allegations.

Ayesha Takia’s big assets have brought the pretty actress under the scanner time and again. Do you think someone can have natural large sized breasts like Ayesha Takia? And can you spot the differences between Ayesha Takia before and after surgery photos? Do let us know your thoughts.

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